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A man of immeasurable talents, Sanjay stands out for his impression of honesty, responsibility, integrity, dedication and passion in his story. He belongs to Tikri Kala, where he lives with his wife, one daughter and one son. He has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters.

He did his academic qualification from the Birla Senior Secondary School, Pilani, Rajasthan, where he was one of the brilliant students among the crowd. He did his graduation from in Sanskrit Hons. from Rajdhani College, where he was appointed as President (NSUI) during final year in the duration of 1997-1998.

Career in Politics : As people say, keep struggling and you will find your right path. After the struggles of one year of being a President at Rajdhani College, Sanjay decided to do something for his nation and took an initial step in politics. He became the President of NSUI West District in the duration of 1998-1999. He also joined Delhi University Elections and got the position of Delhi State Secretary NSUI in 2001. Since then, he didn’t take a break and kept building his future for the betterment of the nation. He was promoted as Vice President of NSUI Delhi for the duration of 2001-2003. This was the high time for the major change in his career and he participated for Counsellor in 2007 for the ward number 30, Mundka. He became Rohini District Youth Congress President for one year, 2010-2011.

Inspiration : A person can take inspirations from anywhere but it is really difficult to get it from a constant source every time. Sanjay has always been inspired by the works of some prestigious and famous politicians like Sajjan Kumar, Ajay Makhan, Arvinder Singh Lovely and Oscar Fernandes. He wants to achieve great heights in this field and hence working continuously to improve the conditions of different sectors.

Work : No words can describe the efforts of a person, just his/her actions speaks. Just keeping this thing in mind, Sanjay has done some rewarding works for the society which are adding up to make a big change. He did the delegation approach for wider roads so that there would not be any traffic jams and accidents. He has also done some brilliant work in the improvement of drainage and sewage system, which is making the environment clean and healthy. As water is the daily need of every individual, Sanjay took an initiative of giving water supply to every society. He has also made some appreciable approaches to the government for the better infrastructure facilities, which ultimately is setting a good example. He insisted government to work on a better education system and hospitals. He also made an attempt to improve the pension of a selected sector of the community. By his approach of a sports complex, people are now enjoying the benefits of this place.

Sanjay is a charismatic and down-to-earth person who lives his life fiercely. He is sincerely dogged into the society well being and work tirelessly towards the growth of the nation.